Christine Jensen

Christine Jensen and her husband, Dana, live in Arvada, CO — a community she has called home nearly all her life. They have four grown children and four grandchildren. Community involvement is a cornerstone for Christine, and she serves her community in many ways — from her political involvement to her various volunteer roles at the Arvada Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.

Christine has spent more than 35 years in banking and finance, specializing in mortgage lending for the past 25 years. She is a certified reverse mortgage professional, a certified mortgage planning specialist and a producing branch manager for Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. At her branch, Christine originates both forward and reverse mortgages, which gives her the resources to help her clients throughout their lives. She loves working with the 62-plus age group and helping them select the best financing options for themselves as well as their families.

There are many misconceptions out there about reverse mortgages, and Christine is part of the Fairway team that is looking to change the public perception of this financial planning tool. She does this by educating clients and industry professionals alike about the new reverse mortgage guidelines and their improved safety features. Her purpose in utilizing reverse mortgages is to expand options for her clients as they approach their retirement years. She also ways to help them increase their wealth by incorporating all assets at their disposal. Christine is passionate about teaching her clients how to take a familiar asset such as home equity and turn it into a high-performing income generator.



Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

Reverse Mortgage Planner

csa Mortgage Planner