We just closed on our new house. And wow! Christine Jensen was the most meticulous, helpful, and kind lender I’ve ever heard of! We are happy to call these people good friends after such a phenomenal experience!
– Jaci M. and Scott B.

I have worked extensively with Christine Jensen and her staff for the past six years. She is, without a doubt, the most knowledgeable, diligent, committed and ethical lender I have partnered with in 18 years as a sales professional. While Christine will explain how the process works and help you determine how much of a loan you can qualify for, what really separates is her is what comes next . . . and that’s the financial planning component of real estate. It is figuring out how much home you are comfortable with and what kind of payments you can comfortably handle, with thought given to scenarios like job loss, marriage, promotion, or the arrival of a new baby. Christine takes a comprehensive approach to helping people truly understand a very complex and serious transaction.
– Dale B.

Christine was recommended to me by my sister-in-law and I was truly impressed by her professionalism and expertise. Because of her, my boyfriend switched his mortgage company to hers as well.
– Ellen L.

Christine and her team were extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer all of our questions about the home buying process. She was always prompt, prepared, and very precise. Christine was excellent about ensuring that my wife and I felt comfortable and confident in our purchase, and was always willing to go the extra mile to guarantee we were satisfied. We couldn’t imagine having a higher level of support than Christine and her team provided and would do business with Christine again in a heartbeat.
– Christopher G.

Christine and the rest of her team were so helpful and responded immediately to all of our questions. This was our first home purchase together and they answered all of our questions and made it such a smooth process. I would highly recommend Christine Jensen to all of our friends and family.
– Nikki D.

We recently closed on our first home. Christine and her team were FANTASTIC throughout the process! The purchase of a first home can be pretty daunting but Christine simplified the process and minimized the “unknown” of what to expect. We would fully recommend partnering with her team for your next purchase.
– Mark F.

Christine Jensen and her team are great! Christine has helped us arrange financing for new home purchases, refinancing, and recently she has helped our children arrange mortgage financing as well. Reliable, honest, efficient and fair pricing. Highly recommended!
– Mark W.

As first-time home buyers, we entered into this process knowing next to nothing about what it takes to buy a home. Christine’s team was extremely helpful, answered every question, and was available at any time. Seriously, we got emails back within minutes, calls to check if we had any questions, and so much communication in between. I would recommend this team in a heartbeat to anyone looking for excellent customer service and a sound voice to guide them through their home purchase process!
– Kelsey B.

Christine is phenomenal! My husband and I just purchased our first home, and thanks to Christine and our Realtor, it was an easy process! Christine is extremely knowledgeable and educates the buyer, which is so helpful! She also moves swiftly and summarizes the documents, which I appreciated rather than reading word for word! I highly recommend Christine for a wonderful experience!
– Laura Q.

Christine, Dana, and their whole team were absolutely wonderful to work with. When we found a property we wanted to put a contract offer on (on a Sunday), Christine literally gave up her weekend to make it work for us. Working through the loan process is often quite complex and frustrating, but her team really went above and beyond the call of duty and pulled everything together for the final loan in significantly less than 30 days. You just can’t get that type of service at a major bank.
One more thing – Christine asked us to come in to review all of the mortgage loan documentation BEFORE the actual closing. We spent an hour or more reviewing documents, asking questions, identifying key terms, etc., which saved significant time at the actual closing. What a great service!
– James Z.

We were referred to Christine Jensen by our Realtor, and I will not hesitate to retain their services for our lending needs in the future. I’ve come to appreciate the value of working with a lender who has a good working relationship with a Realtor. That relationship can prove priceless if there are any bumps in the road as settlement approaches.
From the first introductory phone call, Christine took the time to listen and understand our lending needs and financial landscape. I expressed several key requirements during this call that were go/no-go criteria for us to proceed. Christine and her team executed flawlessly and all of the requirements were satisfied.
During the financing process, it became clear that Christine is surrounded by a great team, who were all available to answer questions whenever questions surfaced. If the answer was not immediately available, they were quick to get the answer and provide an update as soon as possible (usually within hours).
As a result of the efficiency with which Christine and her team worked, everything was in order well before settlement, thus resulting in settlement being nothing more than a signing exercise for both parties. Thank you for the great experience!
– Jason U.

This is how it should be done. Christine is AMAZING. She is morally unwavering in helping you to get a loan that you CAN afford. Before we even started talking about how much we SHOULD borrow she had us go home for a week and work on a budget. All the while giving us tips on how to stay in budget and just help us to better manage our money as adults. Already above and beyond because of the financial advice we got.
In a market that went broke because people were borrowing WAY too much, we appreciated that we actually were never told how much we COULD borrow, but only and most importantly how much we SHOULD borrow. She cares about people. And when you have a mortgage lender that cares about you first, then you get a mortgage lender that only wants to see you succeed rather than a mortgage lender who wants to borrow you the most money possible to benefit their bottom line.
Christine Jensen is the best. That’s really all there is to it. If you don’t go to her then you will only have yourself to blame for not reaching out to her. You have been warned.
Seriously, [Christine] is a VERY knowledgeable and GREAT person. What more could you need or want? GO TO HER.
– Craig B.